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Historic Preservation
Historic photo of a craftsman style residencePreserving Eugene's History
Eugene’s older neighborhoods and houses are a critical part of our city’s history and character. Just as the Willamette River, Skinner and Spencer buttes, and the Cascades define Eugene’s natural surroundings, our historic neighborhoods of settlement era houses, modest bungalows, and stately craftsman homes trace Eugene’s history and help define the character of the city and of the Northwest.

The purpose of Eugene's Historic Preservation Program is to increase public awareness of this history and character and to facilitate preservation, restoration and rehabilitation of historic structures, landscape features, and other culturally significant physical objects and geographic areas.

Historic Preservation Tools
Historic photo of a parade down a Eugene streetThe City has various tools to recognize and protect historically significant properties and districts. These include:
  • The city historic landmark designation
  • Listing in the National Register of Historic Places
  • Site-specific historic zoning designations (S-H zone)

    Property owners with the historic designations noted above can qualify for certain incentives including:
    • Tax credits and assessment freezes
    • Low interest loans for building rehabilitation
    • Increased flexibility in permitted uses under the S-H zone

    Historic photograph of a Penney's storefrontWhat's New 
    Interactive map of historic sites which allows users to view City designated sites, National Register sites, Cultural Resource sites, aerial photographs, documents related to historic sites, and basic information on historic sites and points of historic interest in Eugene. 

    mzl_osavepsz.pngEugene @150 places i-phone and i-pad app shows users the location, image and short narrative about each of 150 historic and noteworthy places in the City of Eugene including a variety of historic buildings, parks and special places. This app can be used by residents to find historic places in their neighborhood, as an educational tool for students or as a guide to visitors to the City wanting to find places to visit. This app is designed to make residents and visitors aware of Eugene’s heritage, as well as complement Eugene’s 150th birthday celebration.

    An on-going effort to digitize our documents and make improvements to the City’s Historic Preservation website has been funded in part through a 2011-2012 Certified Local Government Grant from the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office.

    Save Sonrise Church
    The 120 year old chapel on Irvington found a new home with the Nature Discovery School, soon to be opening at the Beacon House. For more information, visit the Save Sonrise Church website: www.savesonrisechapel.weebly.com 
    or Facebook page:
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