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Public Works Engineering
99 East Broadway
Suite 400
Eugene, OR 97401
Ph: 541-682-5291


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Current Projects
2014 Paving Projects (see Road Work Traffic Advisories for Active Projects)
1st Avenue (Washington - Van Buren)
13th Avenue (Bertelsen - Commerce)
13th Avenue (Washington to Garfield)
43rd Avenue (North Shasta - Dillard)
46th Avenue (Donald - Willamette)
Broadway (Mill - Pearl)
Coburg Road (Ferry Street Bridge – 50 feet southof EWEB off-ramp)
Donald Street (46th - Fox Hollow)
Firland (Spring - Agate)
Goodpasture Loop Road
Interior Street (north end of cul-de-sac – south end of improved section)
Madison Street (1st - 8th)
Marshall (Hughes - Echo Hollow)
Monroe Street (1st - Blair)
- Monroe Street Jan. 23 Meeting Notes
- Monroe Street  Presentation # 1 (Large file)
- Monroe Street Presentation #2 (Large file)
- Monroe Street April 1 Meeting Notes
Olive Street (11th - 13th)
Roosevelt Boulevard (Danebo - Terry)
Shasta Loop (Spring Boulevard- 43rd)
Slurry Seals
LTD's West Eugene EmX Project
Goodpasture Island Road Bridge

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Maintenance Overlays
  • East Irwin (Barger to North Way)
  • East Irwin (North Way to end; currently gravel)
  • Dewey (Barger to Cody)
  • Devos (Barger to start of previous overlay
  • Ellsworth (Royal to 160 feet north of Royal)

Pedestrian-Bicycle Projects
2014 PBM Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements
Safe Routes to School
South Bank Path (Knickerbocker Bridge - Franklin)

Park Projects
Current Parks and Open Space projects
Amazon Park Renovation
Spencer Butte Summit Trail Renovation

Stormwater/Natural Area Projects
Amazon Creek Stabilization Project
Coyote Prairie Swale Restoration
Drywell elimination (Anderson Area)
Various Stormwater Repairs
Water Quality Facilities, Willamette River Basin, A-3 Basin
Hatton Avenue stormwater extension
Amazon Creek Rehabiltation (24th to Fairgrounds; study phase)

Coming up in 2015
8th Ave. (Lincoln - Monroe)
15th Ave. (Fairmount - Agate)
17th Ave. (Fairmount - Agate)
18th Ave. (Josh - Bertelsen)
19th Ave. (Fillmore - Chambers)
22nd Ave. (Fillmore - Chambers)
22nd Ave. (Friendly - Polk)
25th Ave. (Hawkins - Brittany)
39th Ave. (Willamette - 100' east of Densmore)
40th Ave. (Hilyard - Donald)
Avalon St. (Echo Hollow - Juhl)
Brae Burn St. (39th - Willamette)
Cascade Dr. (Avalon - Juhl)
City View St. (28th - 29th)
Division Ave (River Rd - Beltline)
Donald St. (32nd - 40th)
Elizabeth St. (Knoop - Royal)
Fillmore St. (19th - 24th)
Friendly St. (24th - 28th)
Garden Way (Harlow - 110' south of Sisters Ave)
Juhl St (NS Addr 1424 - south end)
Knoop Ave. (Echo Hollow - Elizabeth)
Mahlon Ave. (Garden Way - Honeysuckle)
Timberline Dr. (Warren - Wintercreek)
Valley River Way (Valley River Dr - south side of cul-de-sac)
Willakenzie Rd. (Coburg - Bogart)