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Public Works Engineering
99 East Broadway
Suite 400
Eugene, OR 97401
Ph: 541-682-5291


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Current Projects
2015 Projects (see Road Work Traffic Advisories for Active Projects)
Paving Projects

Maintenance Overlays

Pedestrian-Bicycle Projects

2015 Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Project
CDBG Sidewalk Ramps and Audible Pedestrian Signals
South Bank Path Improvements: Knickerbocker Bridge to Walnut Street

Park Projects
Current Parks and Open Space projects
Skinners Butte Lighting Improvements

Stormwater/Natural Area Projects
Storm Structure Improvements
2015 Stormwater Pipe Repairs

Wastewater Projects
2015 Wastewater Extensions
2015 Wastewater Lateral Rehab
2015 Wastewater Rehab
East Broadway Wastewater Realignment

Streetlight and Traffic Signal Projects
LED Streetlight Retrofit Phase 1
Signalized Intersection Improvements on Coburg Road and 18th Avenue

Upcoming 2016 Paving Projects:

  • Four Streets: 5th Avenue, 6th Avenue, 7th Avenue and Commercial Street just west of Bertelsen Rd
  • Five Streets: 27th Avenue (Columbia St - Spring Blvd), Capital Drive (Spring Blvd - Crest De Ruta St), Potter St (24th - 29th), Spring Blvd (Fairmount - Capital) and Van Ness (23rd - 27th)
  • Three Streets: Alva Park Drive, Davis Street and Harold Street just north of Elmira Rd
  • Two Streets: Jacobs Drive and Fairfield Ave (Hwy 99 to Royal Ave)
  • 8th Avenue (Monroe St - Lincoln St)
  • Harris Street (18th Ave - 28th Ave)
  • Lincoln Street (5th Ave - 13th Ave)
  • Terry Street (Barger - Olympic Circle)
  • Washington Street (8th Ave - 13th Ave)
  • Willamette Street (10th Ave - 13th Ave)