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Public Works Engineering
99 East Broadway
Suite 400
Eugene, OR 97401
Ph: 541-682-5291


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Current Projects
2015 Projects (see Road Work Traffic Advisories for Active Projects)
Paving Projects

Maintenance Overlays

Pedestrian-Bicycle Projects

2015 Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Project
CDBG Sidewalk Ramps and Audible Pedestrian Signals
South Bank Path Improvements: Knickerbocker Bridge to Walnut Street

Park Projects
Current Parks and Open Space projects
Skinners Butte Lighting Improvements

Stormwater/Natural Area Projects
Storm Structure Improvements
2015 Stormwater Pipe Repairs - Work Completed

Wastewater Projects
2015 Wastewater Extensions
2015 Wastewater Lateral Rehab
2015 Wastewater Rehab
East Broadway Wastewater Realignment - Work Completed

Streetlight and Traffic Signal Projects
LED Streetlight Retrofit Phase 1
Signalized Intersection Improvements on Coburg Road and 18th Avenue

Upcoming 2016 Paving Projects:

  • Four Streets: 5th Avenue, 6th Avenue, 7th Avenue and Commercial Street just west of Bertelsen Rd
  • Five Streets: 27th Avenue (Columbia St - Spring Blvd), Capital Drive (Spring Blvd - Crest De Ruta St), Potter St (24th - 29th), Spring Blvd (Fairmount - Capital) and Van Ness (23rd - 27th)
  • Three Streets: Alva Park Drive, Davis Street and Harold Street just north of Elmira Rd
  • Two Streets: Jacobs Drive and Fairfield Ave (Hwy 99 to Royal Ave)
  • 8th Avenue (Monroe St - Lincoln St)
  • Centennial Loop (north of Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd)
  • Harris Street (18th Ave - 28th Ave)
  • Lincoln Street (5th Ave - 13th Ave)
  • Terry Street (Barger - Olympic Circle)
  • Washington Street (8th Ave - 13th Ave)
  • Willamette Street (10th Ave - 13th Ave)