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Single-Family Code Amendments (R-1 Zone)
Single-Family Code Amendments
The goal of these amendments is to reduce negative impacts in the R-1 Low Density Residential Zone while allowing for compatible infill, consistent with the Infill Compatibility Standards project.  A secondary goal is to expand housing variety and choice by facilitating the building of legal, compatible smaller houses, consistent with several strategies from Envision Eugene.

These amendments are intended to:
  • Improve the compatibility of secondary dwelling units, accessory buildings and alley access lots
  • Allow for the creation of alley access houses in limited areas, including compatibility standards
  • Establish interim protection measures for single-family neighborhoods surrounding the University of Oregon to limit further negative impacts from unintended development until the university neighborhood area planning process is completed as part of the Envision Eugene implementation (adopted 3.12.14)

Process/Next Steps
Oct 30, 2013               City Council Work Session 
                                  - Meeting Materials   
Nov 18, 2013              City Council Public Hearing 
                                  - Meeting Materials
                                  - Testimony Received Prior to Public Hearing
                                  - Testimony Received at Public Hearing
Nov 25, 2013              City Council Public Hearing Record Closes
                                  - Testimony Received During Open Record Period   
Feb 12, 2014              City Council Work Session
                                   - Materials Materials
Mar 10, 2014              City Council Deliberations on University Area Interim Protection Measures
Mar 12, 2014              City Council Action on University Area Interim Protection Measures
                                   - Summary of University Area Amendments
                                   - Adopted Ordinance (No. 20526)
May 14, 2014              City Council Work Session/Possible Action: Single Family Code Amendments

September 10, 2013     Planning Commission Public Hearing 
                                    -Meeting Materials
                                    -Additional Testimony
                                    -Additional Testimony #2
                                    -Additional Testimony #3
                                    -Testimony Submitted at Public Hearing
                                    -Testimony requested to be submitted as part of Public Hearing
Sept 17, 2013             Public Hearing Record Closes at 5pm
                                 -Testimony Submitted during Open Record
Sept 30, 2013             Planning Commission Deliberations 
                                 - Meeting Materials
Oct 14, 2013               Planning Commission Deliberations
Oct 16, 2013               Planning Commission Deliberations
Oct 21, 2013               Planning Commission Action
                                  - Planning Commission Recommendation

Summary of Amendments (as originally proposed)
Draft Code Language (as originally proposed)
FAQ - Interim Protection Measures
FAQ - General
Planning Commission Hearing Notice
Map of University Area R-1 Zoning

Code concepts 
Code concept drawings Planning Commission July 1, 2013 meeting materials
Planning Commission November 19, 2012 meeting materials
Advisory group information