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Office of Sustainability
Lane County Public Service Building
125 East 8th Ave, 2nd Floor
Eugene, OR 97401
Ph: (541) 682-5017
Fx: (541) 682-5221

Babe O'Sullivan
Sustainability Liaison

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Bold Steps Award February 2008 - Mountain Rose Herbs
Mountain Rose Herbs was recognized for their commitment to the Zero Waste Paradigm. Any materials which might be regarded as refuse are either recycled, re-used, composted or brought back into the production cycle.

Office and scrap paper, metal and plastic drums, cardboard, cans, bottles, plastic, steel and wood are salvaged and recycled. Waste oil from the bulk vegetable and carrier oils is collected for bio-diesel salvage (nearly 55 gallons a month), botanical refuse material is collected for composting at local nurseries (nearly 3000 pounds annually). Electronic and computer components are taken to a local facility for proper salvage and disposal, (preventing several known heavy metal sources from being land-filled). Packaging materials and paper supplies are derived from post-consumer recycled materials.

With 56 employees, Mountain Rose Herbs generates less than 100 gallons of landfill waste a month (the bulk of this is from bathrooms and kitchen/break-room), which is substantially less than most households.