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Office of Sustainability
Lane County Public Service Building
125 East 8th Ave, 2nd Floor
Eugene, OR 97401
Ph: (541) 682-5017
Fx: (541) 682-5221

Babe O'Sullivan
Sustainability Liaison

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Bold Steps Award September 2010 - Tamarack Wellness Center
The Tamarack Wellness Center is a non-profit organization with a mission to offer both contemporary and traditional approaches to wellness for people of all ages and abilities. Tamarack provides rehabilitation programs, medical intervention, and wellness and preventative care resources with a unique focus on sustainability practices and placing community at the center of health and wellbeing.

Bold Steps Towards a Green Future
Tamarack has taken many bold steps. The center offers its grounds for neighbors and the public to enjoy, returns 20 kilowatts of electricity to the grid from its large photovoltaic array of solar panels, and offers a neighborhood composting bin and grounds that host a variety of native plant species and labyrinth that enhance the neighborhood. They extend the opportunity for clients to contribute to sustainability efforts by offering a “Green Pass” whereby clients can “green” their pool or yoga passes by donating to Equity, Economy or Ecology related projects. They have a focus on diversity as evidenced serving 70 children via the EC CARES program: 13% Latino, 3% African- American, 2% Native American. Over 50% of the families were low income.

Thousands of Clients per Year
Tamarack has over 60,000 client visits per year and has given many hundreds of scholarships to community members in need. Tamarack has a long history (stemming from when it was under the Easter Seal Society) of taking care of the most vulnerable in our community through scholarships and their warm water pool and fitness and yoga services. Tamarack helps to serve those dealing with disabilities, chronic illness, age-related limitations and low income. Tamarack truly attends to the triple bottom line, equity, economy and ecology, in all its policies and practices.