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Public Works Maintenance
1820 Roosevelt Blvd.
Eugene, OR 97402
Ph: 541-682-4800
Fx: 541-682-4882


Reporting Graffiti Crimes
Eugene Police Department

Ph: 541-682-5111

Graffiti Tip Line

Rewards for Conviction of Graffiti Criminals
Ph: 541-682-8848

Graffiti Removal Options

Eugene Public Works Maintenance Division

Ph: 541-682-4800

Huckleberry Patrol

Carrie Chouinard

Midtown Business Wanting to Join
Ph: 541-682-5287

Citizens Interested in Volunteering
Ph: 541-682-5355
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Graffiti Removal
What is Eugene Doing to Fight Graffiti?
The City’s Police and Public Works departments have an active anti-graffiti program. The program includes a computerized system for photographing and tracking graffiti. The graffiti database is capable of linking graffiti or tag designs to specific individuals, and it also can be used to identify problems and trends in geographic areas in order to focus graffiti-suppression efforts.

Graffiti Removal on Public Property
Starting July 1, 2010, funding for graffiti abatement on private property was eliminated. City staff will continue to routinely remove graffiti from the public rights of way and City-owned facilities. Private property owners and residents are encouraged to remove graffiti because prompt removal discourages additional graffiti. We also encourage reporting all graffiti to the reporting center so it can be tracked by local law enforcement.

The City has developed a public education and information campaign with a focus on reducing the tolerance for graffiti in our community. If you have questions about graffiti removal options for your property or if you'd like to report graffiti to have it removed, call Eugene Public Works Maintenance at 541-682-4800. To report graffiti as a crime (criminal mischief) or to report graffiti as a potential bias crime, call the Eugene Police non-emergency number at 541-682-5111.