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New City Hall Planning

City Hall conceptNEWS: Deconstruction on the City Hall block is proceeding on schedule, and structural demolition should be complete by early April. Backfilling of the site should be complete by early May. For safety reasons, the sidewalk surrounding the City Hall block will be fenced for the duration of this phase of the work. There will not be media access to the site itself.

Deconstruction to this point has revealed additional weaknesses and challenges in the original building construction, confirming that reconstruction would have been more difficult and costly even than previously estimated.

The new Eugene City Hall is being designed now, and construction is scheduled to begin late this year or early next year. The project is on track to meet the goal of re-using or recycling 95% of the existing building materials. For more information about the City Hall project, please visit

The City Hall project team has set a goal of reusing or recycling 95% of the existing building’s materials. Great strides are already being made toward this goal. READ MORE

The effort is now underway to remake the Eugene City Hall into a welcoming place that reaches out to the community and honors both our history and our future.

Two companies with deep local roots, Rowell Brokaw Architects and McKenzie Commercial Contractors, were selected to help design and build the new City Hall.

Next Steps
The project team is in the process of combining valuable technical information from their research and analysis with input from community members to develop, evaluate, and refine design strategies. Those strategies will translate the Council-developed project values—Identity, Stewardship, Participation, Simplicity, and Eugene @ 200 years old—into an innovative concept design that will meet the project’s identified budget and needs. The initial concept design will include a phase 1 City Hall as well as a larger development framework for the entire site over time to provide the flexibility and adaptability. 

City Hall plan view

Design and construction of the City Hall Rebuild are expected to take a little more than two years with move-in targeted by the end of 2016.

A minimum of LEED Silver certification for this project under the U.S. Green Building Council’s Green Building Rating System is required, while also assessing the opportunities for achieving certification levels of Gold and Platinum. The design and construction process is intended to facilitate the creation of a “new” Eugene City Hall that is consistent with identified community values and will serve the needs of the community for the 21st century and beyond.