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Amazon Pool
2600 Hilyard St.
Eugene, OR 97405
Ph: 541-682-5350
Fx: 541-682-6366

Echo Hollow Pool
1655 Echo Hollow Rd.
Eugene, OR 97402
Ph: 541-682-5525
Fx: 541-682-8193

Sheldon Pool
2443 Wilakenzie Rd.
Eugene, OR 97401
Ph: 541-682-5314
Fx: 541-682-6344
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Inflatable at Amazon Pool

Pool Locations and Schedules
Each facility has schedules and fees listed including lap swim and recreation swim times.

Swim Lessons
Aquatics provides an extensive learn-to-swim program. Classes operate in facilities with lifeguards on deck, trained instructors and a dedication to developing strong swimmers in a safe and fun environment.

Land Fitness
Work out on your own schedule at the Echo Hollow and Sheldon Pool fitness centers. Get fit using cardiovascular equipment (including treadmills and elliptical trainers) and weight equipment. For more information, please visit the Land Fitness page.

Water Fitness 
Water Fitness is an excellent way to strengthen your core muscles and improve your flexibility and cardiovascular health while reducing impact to your joints, be it preventative, recuperative or just getting a good, hard workout.

Water Fitness classes can be modified to serve your specific needs.

Rent a Pool
Our pools are great for birthdays, sport teams, company parties, reunions and more. Choose a pool for more information:

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The benefits of recreation are many, and some are surprising.Watch "Vi

Amaazon Pool Dive in
Dive in
Amazon Pool opens for Recreation Swim June 15.

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