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Hilyard Community Center

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  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Ball fields
  3. Bike / Pedestrian path
  4. Chairs
  5. Drinking fountains
  6. Electrical outlets
  7. Kitchen
  8. Meeting Rooms
  9. Off street bike / pedestrian path
  10. Parking lot
  11. Public art
  12. Recreation center
  13. Restrooms
  14. Tables
  15. Water
  16. Wi-Fi
Program Information
Located at Hilyard Community Center, Adaptive Recreation Services provides year-round, community-based recreational, social, and educational programs for Eugene area children, teens and adults with disabilities. We provide participants with the opportunity to develop new skills, enhance awareness of their community and natural environment, build self-confidence, and recognize personal potential.

For information about Adaptive programs offered visit Adaptive Recreation or browse our classes on RecEnroll.

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Rental Information
This fully accessible community center located in Amazon Park offers a patio for the summer and a cozy fireplace for the winter. The multi-purpose room and patio on the west end of the facility afford a spectacular panoramic view of Amazon Park and College Hill. Convenient parking is also available.

Rental Rates
  • Main Hall: $50 per hour / 100-130 capacity
  • Meeting Room: $40 per hour / 15-35 capacity
Rates are quoted per hour for rentals occurring during closed building hours (without alcohol consumption). For rentals during open building hours, deduct $10 per hour.

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