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Eugene Safety Town

We will begin to accept applications for Eugene Safety Town 2016 in early Spring.  
Safety Town is an incredible two week comprehensive educational program that introduces pre-Kindergarten children to safety awareness. Children who will enter Kindergarten in the Fall are eligible to attend this summer camp (sorry, no exceptions). Safety Town is an important experience to help children prepare for their transition to a formal school environment and to make safe decisions as they spend more and more time apart from their parents. This program covers topics such as pedestrian safety, traffic safety, bicycle safety, gun safety, water safety, fire safety, personal safety, poison prevention, water safety, school safety and much, much more!  A certified school teacher provides most of the instruction and is supplemented by community experts and police department staff.

Donations & Sponsors:
Are you interested in making a donation or being a sponsor for Safety Town? Please contact Debbie Janecek at 541-682-2746 or Email.

NEW! Eugene
Safety Town 2015 video are available here:
Session 1/am
Session 2/pm 

Eugene Safety Town 2014 videos available here:
Session 1/am
Session 2/pm

What if my child can't attend camp?  Are there resources available?
Many resources are available to parents both on the web and at your library.  This document is a list of daily topics at Safety Town with some website references to help get you started.

Safety Town Daily Topic Resources for Parents

Eugene Police Activities League (EPAL)
This year, Eugene Police Department is unable to host our annual EPAL Camp. This is an unfortunate result of staffing limitations, and one we anticipate being resolved in Summer of 2016. We are very proud of this excellent program, and look forward to its continuation in the future.

Cops and Kids - Building a Stronger Community
June 23 - 27, 2014
8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

This exciting opportunity is offered for youth between the ages of 8- to 13-years-old. A wide variety of activities will help students develop and build leadership skills. EPAL is part of the National Police Activities League program, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting positive youth development through athletics, recreation and education. Camp highlights include: 
            Ems Baseball Clinic 
            Challenge Course 
            Craft Class 
            The Amazing Mini Race 
            Internet Safety & Anti-Drug Classes 
            Nutrition Education 
            EPAL Skate Night

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Volunteers Needed!
Eugene Police is offering a great opportunity this summer for community-service hours, fulfilling high school requirements as well as resume-building duties for teens 16 years and older. Adult volunteers are needed and welcome as well. Consider scheduling time to participate as an EPD Summer Camp volunteer!

EPAL 2014 Flyer

EPAL 2014 Registration Packet

EPAL 2014 Scholarship Form

Please submit Volunteer applications to:

Eugene Police Headquarters
Attention: EPAL Camp Staff
300 Country Club Road
Eugene, OR 97401

Volunteer Application Packet