Envision Eugene

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Envision Eugene is our community's collective vision for our city's future. It includes strategies for how we will accommodate future growth while preserving and enhancing what we love about our city.

What can you find here?
Welcome to the Envision Eugene website. You can learn more about what Envision Eugene is, what the final plan will include, specific topics, ways to participate, and which partners are involved in the process. Updates will be made to this page on an on-going basis to keep the community informed about decisions and opportunities for involvement.

What is included in Envision Eugene?
  • a high level vision of what community members want Eugene to become
  • policies to help realize the community vision
  • design guidance for development that supports community values
  • implementation tools and projects
  • an urban growth boundary (UGB) for anticipated land needs over the next 20 years
  • information about how Eugene's future housing and employment needs will be met
  • a growth monitoring program to track assumptions and results of policy decisions
  • urban reserves studies to inform potential expansions of the UGB
  • connections to other plans and projects
Recent Updates   
  • Council discussions regarding the South Willamette Special Area Zone, raised concerns about the City's original approach of accommodating a portion of the City's multi-family housing need through future area planning projects along key corridors. As a result, our Planning staff has been exploring other ways to accommodate our multi-family housing needs. Stay tuned for input opportunities on the options. Until then, preliminary technical analysis is available here. Early working drafts of Vision to Action are available here.
  • We have restructured the Envision Eugene website! See the new site map and how pages have moved here.
  • Working drafts of Envision Eugene: Vision to Action
  • Current UGB Recommendation 2015 (housing, jobs, parks & schools)
Implementation Projects Additional Information