Spencer Butte Challenge Course

Challenge Course 
The Spencer Butte Challenge Course is a unique community resource accessible near Spencer Butte Park.

The Challenge Course exists to provide learning opportunities through challenging activities both on the ground and in the air. Programs are customized to your group and sequenced to create engaging learning opportunities. Our staff talk with you, the group leader, to discuss your group, the goals of the program, and any specific needs you may have in order to plan a day that meets your group’s needs. Days can be built around themes such as group formation, group cohesion, self-awareness, team dynamics, communication, or leadership.

We design programs for teens, families, collegiate groups, sports teams, adults, non-profits, and corporate groups. Our trained facilitators work with your group to design a program and lead relevant discussions. Through participation people experience success, challenge, fear, solutions, risk, and collaboration. These experiences are the basis of discussing what people are observing and learning.

Some of our clients this past year have been:
  • 4J Teachers and Principals
  • U of O School of Business
  • Lebanon Community School District
  • City of Eugene Public Works
  • New Hope Christian College Volleyball Team
  • Mobility International USA
  • U of O Campus Operations
  • Food for Lane County
  • Womenspace
  • SAIL (Summer Academy to Inspire Learning) 
Elements of our program may include:
Games* – activities that are fun at heart, collaborative, get-to-know-you, and encourage collective laughter.

Initiatives* – solution-driven activities that promote discussion, collaboration, and planning. Goals are determined by the group.

Low Elements – fixed elements utilizing trees, boards, cables, or logs. Low elements are spotted activities that require group participation. The group either goes through the activity together or supports individuals through the event.

High Elements – fixed elements that are 25–55 feet off the ground. Individuals or pairs participate in the challenges at height while the group assists in belaying and supporting the participants.

*Can be done off-site of the challenge course at a City of Eugene Community Center, park, office, gym, or a location of your choice, in or out-of-doors. Events or workshops can be designed as half-day, full-day, or multi-day events spread out through the year.

Pricing varies and is based on types of activities, duration of event, and number of participants. Call us for a quote!

To schedule a course, or for more information, email Robert Brack or call 541-682-6324.

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