Current Projects

Current Parks and Open Space Projects
Valuable parks and open space resources must be continually evaluated and updated to make sure they’re able to meet the growing and changing needs of the community. To assess what these needs are and to guide future improvements accordingly, extensive planning efforts are undertaken through the Parks and Open Space Planning office.

At the heart of this process is a commitment to involve the community through workshops, surveys, interviews and personal contact to make sure that planned improvements reflect the needs and desires of diverse residents. While some plans are implemented right away with available construction funding, others represent longer-term visions that guide improvements and activities in a particular area for a decade or more.

Ludwigia Control in Delta Ponds
Ludwigia is a dangerous invasive threatening the Delta Ponds eco-system and the City is taking corrective measures.

Parks, Recreation and Open Space Comprehensive Plan
The Parks, Recreation & Open Space (PROS) Comprehensive Plan is an aspirational and guiding document for the city as it conducts long-range planning for parks, recreation and open space. The PROS Comprehensive Plan contains, among other things, goals, strategies and performance measures. The projects identified in the Project and Priority Plan, adopted by council on May 22, 2006, are one way in which the strategies identified in the PROS Comprehensive Plan can be implemented.

The Project and Priority Plan is intended to be a living document, and as such, individual projects may be delayed if funding cannot be identified within the shown timeline. Likewise, individual projects may be moved forward if funding is identified earlier than shown in the timeline. Cost estimates also need to be considered within the context of inflation. The cost estimates in the current project list were developed in 2004 and have not been subsequently adjusted for inflation.

PROS Project and Priority Plan - May 2006 update

Bethel Community Park Master Plan Update
Bethel Community Park master plan has been updated.

Charnel Mulligan Park Renovation
The public process to help determine the project scope began in 2013, and finished in early 2014. Construction is now scheduled to begin in the summer of 2015.

Eugene Trails Plan
A comprehensive plan to review and provide recommendations and policy around use, development, maintenance, and management of soft-surface paths in the Eugene Parks system has begun public outreach.