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Learn what you can do to help keep local waterways healthy 

Pesticides—including insecticides, weed killers, and slug bait—contain toxic ingredients that can be harmful to people, pets, wildlife and the environment. Children and pets are especially susceptible. The Oregonian published an article in April 2013 that explores this topic further. An extensive guide to less-toxic pest control is at Grow Smart Grow Safe.

Uso excesivo de pesticidas (herbicidas y exterminadores de insectos) pueden causar daño a la salud de las plantas y la tierra. Estudios han indicado que incrementa el riesgo de salud entre familias que usan pesticidas para el jardin o pasto, especialmente entre los niños y mascotas.  Zapatos, patas de mascotas y ropa, pueden transportar los químicos de afuera hacia dentro de su casa. 
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Did you know pressure washing can lead to stormwater pollution? Check out this video or our fact sheet to learn some simple ways to keep contaminants out of our waterways.

Does your school or club hold fund-raising car washes? Be fish friendly by keeping soap out of storm drains. Our video will show you how simple it is to use our free car wash kit. Our fact sheet helps every car owner make clean water choices for washing. 

Learn about the award-winning habitat restoration at Delta Ponds that has brought young salmon back to the former gravel pits. 

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Teaching young people about water pollution? Check out our  SPLASH! curriculum lesson plans, handouts and activities.

For materials that address a wide range of topics, go to our documents and fact sheets or newsletter libraries.

Our Canines for Clean Water program is popular among dog owners. Get the scoop on this fun pledge program and find out how your pooch can join our photo gallery.

Visit stormwater operations to learn more about natural resource management, stormwater infrastructure and capital projects.

Lend a hand as a volunteer in a park or natural area, either as a group or individually.