Eugene Stormwater Services
The stormwater collection system includes all publicly maintained pipes, culverts, catch basins, channels, ditches, ponds, wetlands and related waterways. The City of Eugene Public Works Department is committed to protecting water quality in our local rivers and water bodies.

The Stormwater Management Program complies with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) under the federal clean water act.

The program includes: 
  • Public awareness and education programs for residents, developers, contractors, businesses, industries and youth
  • Monitoring stormwater runoff
  • Protecting and managing our natural resources and piped storm system
  • Inspections for illicit discharges and connections
  • Complying with the city’s stormwater permit and reporting annually to the Department of Environmental Quality
  • And protecting our local watershed through planning, permits and regulations.

Featured Videos

Did you know pressure washing can lead to stormwater pollution? Check out our video to learn some simple ways to keep contaminants out of our waterways. 

Does your school or club hold fund-raising car washes? Be fish friendly by keeping soap out of storm drains. Our video will show you how simple it is to keep stormwater clean by borrowing our free car wash kit.  

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