Council Homelessness Discussions

As a community, Eugene has prioritized helping people who experience homelessness.

opportunity villageIn response to the growing need for safe place for people to sleep, the Eugene City Council approved a rest stop pilot program in October, 2013.

Rest stops allow up to 15 people to sleep overnight in tents on certain property. Each site must be managed by a site provider that signs an agreement with the City to supervise the site. The site provider is responsible for:
  • Ensuring the site is supervised at all times;
  • Providing clean, portable restrooms and trash collection on site;
  • Keeping a roster of individuals who are allowed on the site; and
  • Ensuring all campers and visitors follow the site rules.
Currently,two rest stop sites are open in Eugene: one at Garfield and Roosevelt and a second at Northwest Expressway and Chambers. Both of these sites are managed by Community Supported Shelters. The City is looking for a site provider for a third site.

Additionalinformation about Rest Stops: The Cityof Eugene and Lane County continue to experience high numbers of homelessnessand housing insecurity. Despite on-going and dedicated, publicly andprivately-supported homeless services in our community, the demand foremergency shelter continues to exceed supply.

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  • July 14, 2014 Work Session

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Webcasts of past City Council meetings are available for download. Council meetings are also streamed live to the internet when in session. Visit the Council Webcast page for more information.

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